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Genome of Acanthamoeba castellanii highlights extensive lateral gene transfer and early evolution of tyrosine kinase signaling

Michael Clarke, Amanda J Lohan, Bernard Liu, Ilias Lagkouvardos, Scott Roy, Nikhat Zafar, Claire Bertelli, Christina Schilde, Arash Kianianmomeni, Thomas R Bürglin, Christian Frech, Bernard Turcotte, Klaus O Kopec, John M Synnott, Caleb Choo, Ivan Paponov, Aliza Finkler, Chris Soon Heng Tan, Andrew P Hutchins, Thomas Weinmeier, Thomas Rattei, Jeffery SC Chu, Gregory Gimenez, Manuel Irimia, Daniel J Rigden, David A Fitzpatrick, Jacob Lorenzo-Morales, Alex Bateman, Cheng-Hsun Chiu, Petrus Tang, Peter Hegemann, Hillel Fromm, Didier Raoult, Gilbert Greub, Diego Miranda-Saavedra, Nansheng Chen, Piers Nash, Michael L Ginger, Matthias Horn, Pauline Schaap, Lis Caler and Brendan J Loftus*

Genome Biology 2013, 14:R11  doi:10.1186/gb-2013-14-2-r11

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