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Instructions for authors

Genome Biology publishes research articles, new methods and software tools, in addition to reviews and opinions, from the full spectrum of biology, including molecular, cellular, organism or population biology studied from a genomic perspective, as well as sequence analysis, bioinformatics, proteomics, comparative biology and evolution.

Each article type published by Genome Biology follows a specific format, as detailed in the corresponding instructions for authors; please choose an article type from the list on the left to view the instructions for authors.

Please note that Research highlights, Comments, Commentaries, Editorials, Meeting reports, Minireviews, Opinions, Protein family reviews and Reviews are usually commissioned, but suggestions for these article types are welcome.

The instructions for authors includes information about preparing a manuscript for submission to Genome Biology, criteria for publication and the online submission process. Other relevant information about the journal's policies, the refereeing process and so on can be found in 'About this journal'.

Presubmission enquiries

If you wish to make a presubmission enquiry about the suitability of your manuscript, please email the editors who will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

Important information about Genome Biology from 2015

BioMed Central has always made its primary research content openly accessible, under licences that allow others to freely re-use articles, with the appropriate attribution. Genome Biology also publishes additional types of content which are only available to subscribers for a period of time. We are pleased to be able to inform you that from 2015, this will no longer be the case and ALL content published in Genome Biology will follow the rest of the BioMed Central portfolio and be entirely Open Access.

See for more information.

Genome Biology publishes the following article types:

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