Cancer Progression
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Beyond the Genome: Cancer Genomics 2014


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    Using transcriptomic and other genomic data it is possible to predict a subject’s reduction in cholesterol levels in response to statins
  • A new method for studying cancer heterogeneity and subclonality through identification of epigenetic loci affected by the clonal evolution
  • An in vivo transposon-based method for validation of cancer mutations
  • A new method for the analysis of cancer clonality using SNP array and DNA-seq data
  • The genome of an Antarctic fish reveals that hemoglobin and mitochondrial proteins may have driven its adaption to the cold
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    A Research highlight from Nam-Hai Chua discusses recent advances in understanding the effect of sRNAs on root-biotic interactions
  • Analysis of the Medicago miRNAome identifies novel miRNAs involved in regulating responses to the biotic and abiotic environment
  • A new simple method for mapping of 5hmC at single-base resolution
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