Cancer Progression
RBPome special issue
Genome Biology Single Cell


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  • MSEA detects cancer genes by targeting unique characteristics of mutation hotspots with improved precision and reduced false positive discovery
  • A new accurate method for the detection of mobile element insertions in whole genome and whole exome sequencing data
  • Comparison of mutation predictors shows that no single algorithm is the best and that combination of predictors improves negative predictive value
  • Profiling schizophrenia-associated methylation in brain tissues identifies an early neurodevelopmental origin
  • A site-level and UTR-level classifier for miRNA target prediction
  • Improved detection of fungi in clinical samples allows the characterization of fungi in the human airway
  • A method showing high resolution topographical mapping of genome-wide gene expression in heterogeneous anatomical structures
  • A report on the 2nd Single-cell genomics conference held in Stockholm, Sweden, September 9-11, 2014.
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