General information

Genome Biology serves the biological research community as an international forum for the dissemination, discussion and critical review of information about all areas of biology informed by genomic research. It is essential reading not only for those working in genomics, but for all researchers and life scientists who find that the availability of genomic and genome-scale information is altering how they work - from graduate level and above.

A subscription to Genome Biology provides full and unrestricted access to all of the content within the journal. All of the research articles in Genome Biology are open access; however the journal also publishes a range of additional article types which are only available by subscription. Article types include:

  • Reviews: include systematic and substantial coverage of mature subjects, evaluations of progress in specified areas, and critical assessments of emerging technologies.
  • Protein family reviews: provide systematic and structured overviews of important and often large protein families that serve as essential references.
  • Research highlights: are short and timely synopses of exciting recent publications and provide rapid coverage of fast-moving areas.
  • Opinion articles: give a personal perspective of opinion leaders who provide their insights into recent developments in their fields.
  • Commentaries: are short, focused and opinionated articles on a broad range of topics, including political, scientific, and medical issues relating to genomic, post-genomic and genome-scale analyses.
  • Meeting reports: are short and rapidly prepared articles that report on key developments recently presented at conferences.

Subscribing to the journal will ensure that you are always kept up-to-date with the very latest developments in post-genomic biology. Personal subscriptions are available as well as institutional subscriptions, which will allow both you and your colleagues to view all the content within the journal.

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